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Yes, you have twenty-five minutes, I know, not many but if you arrived here it is because the time has come for you to leave your place and immerse yourself into the loving arms of Mama Selva because Abuela Ayahuasca "has been calling you for a long time" and I want to push you to take this decision.
I'm sure, you'll thank me after the retreat.

Bfore you decide, yo should know that swen you'll be finishing to read this text, you will have realized that, to date, having a retreat in the forest has become an exclusive luxury for few and a High Lucrative Industry.
When you decide to join a group and be "accompanied" by someone who knows the place prices are, most of the cases, exagerated.
Venturing alone, it is not mentioned, is dangerous. I tried it on my skin before finding the righ ones.

In addition to this, those who manage to get to know the real curanderos or build centers for the healing and diet of entheogenic plants has costed them a lot (but a lot) to do it and the reason is simple.
The world of the Sacred Medicines and jungle retreats is ,in the 80% of the cases, managed by business men, charlatans and "rustled up" people that, of your spiritual awakening, it does not really matter.
Like all "organizations", the larger they are, the more that square box in the lower right corner called "turnover" is the driver.

These organizations that "sell retreats", for 10 days with Mother Ayahuasca divided into 5 ceremonies, they charge no less than 2,500 / 3,000 GBP while, 15 days, they easily charge up to 4,000 GBP and, always, excluding the flight.

Shamanic Retreats and Therapies
At the same time there are those like us who do it out of love and service and work only and exclusively with real Masters and true curanderos.
We strive for the service of our customers, their journey, their well-being and their Spiritual development.
And of course we are, very humbly, at the service of mother earth and it's sacred medicines.

With Shamanic Travels you enter a real family and Hakan Puma, Ayahuasquero with more than 50 ceremonies to your credit, will accompain you throughout the wole retret from the beginning, following you all the way till the end.
Groups are restricted for easier sharing of experiences and the center is new, comfortable.

The diet, vegetarian based, is treated in detail to support you during your period of intense work with the master plants.

But the really strong point after the service and care we put into it,  is the variety of experiences with the Mast Plants and Forest medicines.

During your stay at our "Casa Medicina San Alejandro" Healing Center, the program we have ut up for you  has been designed so that you can make the most of the therapeutic impact, limpia and body detoxification properties of western life through the use of various sacred medicines coming from both, Plant and Animal worlds.

- Abuela Ayahuasca 5 Ceremonies
- Abuelo Kambo 4 Ceremony
- Abuelo Yopo 1 Cerimona
- Abuelo Rapè every day
- Abuela Sananga every day
- Abuelo Wachuma 1 Final Ceremony

Having said that let's check my offer.

As you have seen there is a timer and now you should have 20 minutes now...so relax.

If you book your place before the times runs out (and pay in the next 5 days) you'll pay ONLY 1600 GBP​
If instead I don't receive your registration from here and you want to do it later you will pay 2.200 ​GBP

Prices are all inclusive from the moment you arrive to pucallpa till you return back home.
Flight isn't included and beverages during the meals.

Places are limited to 6/8 people per retreat, don't wast time and grab yours NOW!

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